In The Beginning…

there was the blog and the blog was without form and void. But moving on… I had an overwhelming urge to buy another domain name and thus this dot com goes live. You can’t have too many – that’s what grandma used to say anway. Besides, my old email address spends more time receiving spam than it does actual email so I thought I’d give the mail servers a bit of a reprieve by disconnecting it for awhile. If nothing else, my friends & foes will now find it a bit easier to track me down.

It’ll take a bit of time get the aesthetics where I want them and I *might* replace the self-portrait with something more eye pleasing but for now the skeleton will have to do. I might end up migrating my photo collection over to this domain but I’ll more than likely just add all the new photos here.

On a completely unrelated note, PETA should be aware that I maliciously slaughtered 3 frogs by means of a slingshot the other day. Their incessant croaking outside my bedroom window made it impossible to sleep and my previous efforts to silence them by hurling them over the roof into the neighbors yard did little good. In my defense, I did ask them nicely to be quiet.

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