The Great Airplane Hunt

The online hunt for airplane tickets has now begun. The search is a bit easier for my brother and his wife who are flying round trip from JFK to Manila, they only have to find one set of tickets. I’m trying to figure out how I can squeeze in a small tour of the U.S. before I hit JFK to fly out with them. This of course begs the question, why on God’s green earth is it cheaper to fly from Dallas to Los Angeles than it is to take the train?? Amtrak really needs to pull their heads out of their backsides and straighten that out. Anywho, I really want to see my friends in LA, Mississippi, and South Carolina before I go see the kids and then hit New York to fly out with my brother to the Philippines. How I can make this happen without killing my severely limited budget is beyond me. None the less, I’m going to try as there’s numerous faces I don’t know when I’ll see again. For all of those people I don’t get to see before I leave, I’ll put a very large picture of myself in the gallery so you can download it, print it out and pay homage (or burn it in effigy – please use cedar, I like the smell).

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