Agony of Defeet

The foot race has officially begun since I sold the motorcycle yesterday. It was a bittersweet moment as I was handed the cash. I needed to sell it for the trip (and I’m glad it sold) but all the memories of riding places, hiding from traffic cops, and dodging thunderstorms came Bye Bye Moto!flooding back into my mind as it was loaded onto the bed of that truck and hauled away. There is none the less a small joy in knowing that it’s going to a happy home and I’m fully aware that there is no shortage of motorcycles in the Philippines. There will undoubtedly be other motorcycles in my future.

As thankful as I am to have cash in hand, I must now solve my newly acquired transportation problems. Closing my eyes…..closing my eyes…”I see a new bond with friends in my future” I can make a few a phone calls for the big trips but for the time being, my feet will carry me everywhere. The exercise will do me well and that my friends is the agony of defeet.

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