Did I say that?

Even though my routine varies with a great infrequency, it has none the less been anything but dull. While I could have been hammering away at the Tagalog lessons or chit-chatting in icq-philippines, it seems I recently found myself googling the birthing process of kittens for my ex-wife. Granted, I would normally not entertain such a conversation but considering that the aforementioned cat belonged to my now ex-fiance, I couldn’t really argue my way out of it. However, the event did end on a high note when she stated, “but the cat’s still fat” after the placenta came out. It was one of those opportune moments where the filter from my brain to my mouth wasn’t working and I gave in to the overcoming urge to speak. I won’t repeat what I said but suffice it to say I was hung up on while trying to contain my laughter. Another segment of life to remind me that every day is priceless!

Speaking of days, I am counting them down. I still haven’t made any plans for my remaining days in the U.S. but somehow I’m not too concerned. Like Indiana Jones, I’m making it all up as I go along.

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