One Ticket Down

I managed to acquire a ticket from JFK to Manila for the insane price of $541. It was simply too good to pass up and so I booked it. In my urgency, I failed to observe the departure date: Sept 11. Awesome; I get to fly out internationally on the Jihad holiday of the year. No wonder the plane ticket was so cheap! No worries, I’m determined enough to get to my destination; if there’s a hijack attempt I will undoubtedly break out into my Kung-Fu chicken stance and restore things to order. Kung Fu Chicken

On a plus note, I get to spend all of one & half hours in Alaska while the plane loads and unloads. That should give me ample time to wave out the window and salute my dear friend Joan who lives there. I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, I just wanted it to be a longer trip. Alaska can wait though, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

I’m not only excited about the venture to the Philippines, I’m doubly excited that my brother & his wife are taking their vacation at the same time. I have no problems carving a path into un-ventured territory but meeting the family & friends they have there will make it a less painful task. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

My biggest concern at this point is selling off everything I have managed to accumulate over the past two years. Computers, extra clothes, a television, a motorcycle – it all must go and the extra money will come in handy. I foresee a massive garage sale in my very near future if Craigslist doesn’t pan out. If I don’t sell everything, I will probably have to cut out some of the extracurricular U.S. travels.

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