Tick Tock

Time seems to drag the closer you get to something that you want. It’s hard to stay mentally preoccupied since I sold the motorcycle although I can easily say I’ve been anything but bored. Between, work, the tagalog lessons and trying to sell off everything, I stay busy enough.

I kill a lot of time during work by chatting up the net and, as was expected, I’ve come across some interesting characters. There is still no license required to use the internet and thus all manner of lifeforms show up. Thank God for commands like /ignore.

Just 43 days left until I leave Texas (not that I’m counting) and there’s still plenty of things to do. On the flip side, there’s nothing that ties me down I’ll have no problems dropping everything to head to the airport. If I can’t carry it, it doesn’t go and I’ll let it all go without so much as a second thought. No pain no gain. Hopefully I can capitalize on as much as possible & cut my losses but either way, I come out ahead.

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