Mile Marker 1

I officially turned in my resignation the other day. My manager was none too happy (presumably due to this being the busy season) but he was cordial enough and did his best to hide his own stresses in the matter. The conversation was short but he wished me the best. He’s been a great manager and so I wish him the same. All the saving, the planning, the waiting, and the hoping has now propelled me past this definitive point in time that I call mile marker number one.

There is now roughly 30 days remaining before I leave the state of Texas and each day is becoming busier than the day before. By the time this month closes, chaos will undoubtedly be a close companion. I still have much to sell, errands to run, and many faces to see before I leave this place [faster than a demon being exercised into a herd of swine I might add].

With each of these passing days the reality of uncertainty draws a little bit closer. It’s easy to get carried away in the anticipation of future events but it is this uncertainty that offers a healthy dose of humility to the planner of great things: a gentle reminder that God controls everything. The very act of action constitutes a permission that can be readily removed (though I don’t mean that in the Calvinistic extreme).

I wish I could photograph this moment in time but the memory (and this blog) will have to suffice. I will undoubtedly look back upon this point at different times and in different moods and if I can create any impression from that retrospection it would be this: You did it. I can lose many things in the future but the victory of crossing this finish line will never be one of them. Mile Marker 1 is another trophy that I forever hold. Thank you God.

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