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Most people that know me know I have an inclination towards writing but not everyone knows I have two books in progress. One I’m keeping my lips sealed on and the other one, Chaos Called Love, is online. It may seem a bit weird the way it is structured but the awkwardness of the lay out is something I wanted. As a potential reader, I hope the structure and the format makes sense to you but ultimately I write for myself and myself alone. That may seem a little selfish but I can assure you my intentions are anything but narcissistic. Art is a subjective thing and thus the spirits of the artist are subject to the artist. None the less, I always appreciate feedback (especially if it strokes my already overly-pampered ego).

Chaos Called Love is a psychotic love story. It is the story of a relationship so strong, so impossible and so traumatic that the end result is a full mental breakdown; a complete collapse of life prevented by a single belief in love. It is at times poetic and it is at times the petrifying reality of emotional consecration. So what happens when the unstoppable force of love meets the immovable forces of reality? Well, you’ll just have to read it and find out. Warning: this book probably shouldn’t be read in the aftermath of a dead relationship.

The other book I can’t really speak of for reasons I can’t speak of. I can only say that it is coming. I know what your thinking. I probably shouldn’t say anything if I can only say I can’t say anything. It would be more polite to not mention what I can’t tell and simply leave it at that. I therefore apologize to you my reader, knower of the book of which nothing is known, on behalf of my blog. My blog knows no manners.

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