Naked Fish

No, that’s not the introductory title to an amphibious porn movie, it’s the name of a seafood restaurant outside of Boston. I can’t attest to the quality of the seafood though, I ate the pork loin special (which was fabulous I might add). Where they came up with the restaurant name is beyond me and I didn’t think to ask at the time. Silly names aside, it was good food and the ambiance was very balanced (the second most important factor in an eating establishment). A better looking waitress would have been nice but hey, we can’t have everything.

To my amazement, the kids have survived the past six days rather well. Hotel life can be kind of cramped but they’ve handled it ok. This is partially because I beat them when they don’t need it and partially because they spend an hour or two in the morning at the pool and also in the evening (yes, I was joking on that first part). The constant exercise wears them out and that brings their energy stream down to a manageable level. I wake up about an hour earlier than they do so I can take a few moments for myself, drinking my coffee and reading the complimentary USA Today that is diligently left at my doorstep every AM.

I don’t know what the weather is normally like up here but the trip so far has been fraught with storms. My previous plane delays were due to hurricane Bill and now it appears my weekend plans may be disturbed by tropical storm Danny. Why it’s called a tropical storm is beyond me. I’ve lived in the tropics before and we’re no where near the tropics! For that matter, this place isn’t even close to the equator. I hear that west coast weather is much more stable but really, I am looking forward to some authentic tropical storms. That’s a good thing because they’re definitely in my near future. Look out Asia, here I come.

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