Next Stop: South Carolina

Homewood Suites in Billerica isn’t exactly what I’d call home but it’s been a good stay. The amenities have all been worth the price and my checkout time was graciously extended to 2pm. Ultimately the biggest benefit of having stayed there is their free breakfast (a large selection by hotel standards) and that alone saved me a handful of cash. Unfortunately the breakfast times were a bit restricted and the dining area was always crowded but, aside from that nuance, the morning meal time was a pleasant experience. Since I had no car, I wish their free shuttle extended to the train station but taking the shuttle to the mall and the surrounding 5-mile radius was also a money saver. The only financial drawback is the fact that they price gouge at their Suite Shop and the in-room movies/games are ridiculously high. Who wants to pay $16 for a movie? Of course, I have to balance that complaint with the fact that popcorn is free so perhaps it all evens out in the end. Would I stay here again if needed? Yes, I would. For an extended stay hotel I give it a 3.5-star rating. I’d give it a 4-star rating if they’d fumigate the pool area because the chlorine smell was a bit overbearing. All in all though, price, courtesy and amenities helped to make it a good visit.

Kissing Boston goodbye, it’s now time for South Carolina to visit some good friends where I’ll count down my remaining days until I leave for Manila. I’m sure Myrtle Beach will be pleasant this time of year and I can only hope that the storms, hurricanes, and rains have abated. I really want to take the camera out for some scenic shots and practice my photography skills, a much needed primer for all of the beautiful landscapes in the Philippines. I’m sure my friends would also appreciate some family portraits (I’ve gotten pretty good at taking those).

Another plane, another train
Taxis and hotels
Sifting sands to find a grain
A penny in the well

Casting cares, saying prayers
At thrity-thousand feet
Logic now splitting hairs
With a future turning sweet

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