Returning to Normal

The weekend was filled with both celebration and chores. From hanging with friends to mowing the lawn, I accomplished and enjoyed a myriad of tasks and, Sunday night, I basked in the simple pleasure of watching a bit of late night T.V. and doing the dishes before I retired to bed. It was, for all intents and purposes, a ‘normal’ weekend and it was the normalcy of it all that made it very, very special.

Working night-shift for the past year and a half has taken its toll both mentally and physically. This, coupled with working from home, doubled that toll and I found myself, towards the end of this stint, consuming a myriad of pharmaceutical helps and socially starved. Considering my fondness for the presence of other people, the emotional toll is somewhat ironic if not downright unbelievable but I am most happy to say it has all come to a very pleasant end. Going to bed when it is dark and waking up in the morning light is a gift that should never be underestimated; and yes, the presence of other people (no matter how annoying they may be) is also a gift.

I will in some ways miss my old job. The simplicity of the routine I had was quite reflective of my life: Turn on the computers, work, chat, play x-box, work some more and every moment hope that nothing goes wrong while I’m trying to level up my character in Fallout 3. Of course, it wasn’t about playing games and accomplishing personal tasks while working, it was about the control we often sacrifice while trying to support ourselves in the grinder of life. I am a volunteer to the choices I make, not a slave; having that kind of control in a well paying job makes it that much harder to quit. I will miss that control. While the work relationships were limited, I will miss them as well.

I have to take a moment to give a quick shout out to some newly acquired friends. They have kept me company and kept me entertained over the past few months. In some ways, I owe you guys for a portion my sanity(in no particular order): ElusiveMoose, Slacker^, Diii, Eileen, Stan, Joanne720, Anya, Mai27, JamessssUSA43, Natalie28, ^Felix_Helix^, `artz, Kate_janelle and SaRaH_BuBu. Sorry if I forgot anyone! As for my non-virtual friends, you guys are special too 🙂

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