Sunny Side Up

The journey to Isle of Palms was an arduous two hour drive that was made a wee bit longer due to the misfortune of some Federal Express truck driver. For reasons unknown, the vehicle rolled over (a few times apparently) and traffic backed up on highway 26 for a few miles. If per chance your package happened to be in that vehicle then you are probably already aware that, at least Saturday, the world was not on time.



In keeping with mandatory rubber-necking laws, we slowed down the car and I snapped a few photos of the carnage. With those pictorial souvenirs, we carried on towards the beach to partake in what God created for our enjoyment: sun and water.

I am now a nice candy apple red upon most of my body and the pain of sun burn makes me move a bit slower but I’m surviving. The South Carolina sun took its toll as hour after hour at the Isle of Palms beach passed and I failed to consider the consequences of enjoying such a blistering sun without any protective ointment.

Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

None the less, it was worth it. There is no substitute for hearing the ocean waves or feeling the sting of salt water in your eyes as you squish the ocean floor between your toes. Unfortunately that simple pleasure is not a well kept secret and hundreds (if not thousands) of people struggled to stake their claim to a few meters of beach with umbrellas, chairs and towels. Despite the crowds, it was an enjoyable afternoon that left me craving sun and sand all the more.

That little outing aside, I’ve been diligently hammering away on the Tagalog and enjoying the South Carolina sites that are in the area. The Rupps

Rupp Family

Rupp Family

have been super gracious in hosting me and it’s been fun catching up on old times as well as discussing the new times to come. South Carolina is certainly an interesting place but I say that with the ‘it’s a nice place to visit’ kind of tone in my voice. Every place truly has its own culture and this state is certainly no different. All of the greenery here though is beautiful and I think perhaps Texas would do well to take note of that fact and try planting a few more trees. Those prairie lands get depressing to look at.

As of now there are only 5 days remaining until I leave for the Philippines and my excitement has not by any means abated. I am looking forward to visiting my newly acquired friends there as well as visiting the extended Rupp family in Bacolod. Time is truly flying by and it won’t be long before everything and everyone here is either a vague memory or a silhouette hidden behind an email. But as the saying goes, these are the days of our lives…..

2 Responses to Sunny Side Up

  1. Lewis

    September 27, 2009 at 5:32 am

    Jon you look photoshoped in the background. Great pic!

  2. Jon Kokko

    September 27, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Nope, I’m not photoshoped! I flipped the camera on to a 10-second delay and jumped onto the back of the couch. However, due to a really bad flash glare, I used gimp to remove the back wall 🙂

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