The Day Before The Day

I’ve washed all the dirty laundry and packed the clothes away. Most of the electronics have all been tucked away into their various pouches and tomorrows apparel has been laid out. The itineraries have been printed (thank you Michael) and, to the best of my knowledge, nothing is scattered about. Even that lonely sock I previously pushed to the bottom of my bag has been paired up. Aside from a minor shopping trip to Walmart where I need to pick up a tube of toothpaste, I am ready to head out the door. Myself and what little I possess will make the journey from South Carolina to New York and then from New York to Manila.

Much of all this preparation has really been no different than the leisure of solving a Rubik’s cube. It is a simple 3x3x3 cube with over 43 quintillion possibilities and yet, for all of the complexity, it can still be solved in 26 turns from any configuration. Granted, I’m not that efficient with the resolution, but understanding that even the most complex of problems have simple solutions is a tremendous motivation. Every step in every journey is made one turn at a time. It’s now one year later and all the colors are matching up.

The present is very surreal and I find myself reminded of all those stories where village boys make great journeys to become men. Although I’m certainly older than what such thinking should allow, I can’t help but ponder what crossing this great Pacific divide is going to lay in front of me. Truth be told, only God knows. As much as lieth in me, I have set my own expectations aside so that every moment and every opportunity can be judged on its own merits; I can now do nothing but wait as the surreality ushers in reality.

My next posting will come from Manila but at what point I do not know. I’ll be following my brother and his family around while we visit Boracay, Tagatay, Laguna and a host of other places that I will pronounce incorrectly. Somewhere in there I’m going to pick up a cell phone, smile for a dentist, squint at an optometrist and perhaps cry on the sofa of a psychiatrist if it’ll get me a bottle of Xanax (my Mitral Valve has been acting up again and I could use a sedative). All of the hustle & bustle won’t leave much time for writing but I’ll squeeze in the moments that I can. Pictures will certainly follow.

If the blog isn’t updated within a week, I humbly request the following search party:

  • Governor Arnold should handle all jungle searches in Mindanao.
  • Bruce Willis is to take all metropolis cities starting with Manila.
  • Harrison Ford will search known sites of Yamashita’s treasure (please bring bull-whip)
  • Central Visayas for Jackie Chan.

Under no circumstances, even if needed, should CPR be performed by any of the above (Please call Nicole Kidman).

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