A Pot To Piss In

For those who are thinking the headline is overly crass or a bit profane, please check out the following bible verses, repent and continue reading [1Sa. 25:22,34; 1Ki. 14:10; 16:11; 21:21; 2Ki. 9:8; 18:27; Isa. 36:12]. Sorry to sound antagonistic but that appears to be my mood lately. I blame it on RCBC; trying to open a bank account for Jennifer there has lit a fire of fury in me. Their inefficiency as a business, and a bank at that, had me so irate that I was mouthing off the virtues of customer service at their counter. Jennifer repeatedly squeezed my hand and gave me that ‘shhhh’ sound. “We’re giving them our money, we will not shhhhhh!”, I told her. Anyway, I’ve digressed, so moving on…..

The new bathroom is coming together quite nicely – finally! It was slow moving there at the beginning and I was beginning to wonder if anything would get done.

Slowly But Surely!

Slowly But Surely!

They told me it would take four days to complete the small building but somewhere, lost in translation, was the fact that it was not four consecutive days. Filipino time strikes again. Really, I can’t say I was surprised – I’ve taken it all in stride. It feels good to not be stressed out. Fortunately I’ve adjusted to bucket showers so I can patiently wait until the new shower is finished.

I’ve enjoyed watching the construction and I’m learning a lot about the processes here. Filipinos are a very intelligent and diligent people and, when it comes to general construction, they’re masters of the trade. Our builder was highly recommended by everyone so I wasn’t caught off guard when he quoted us his expensive rate of 250 pesos per day (approx $5). He is worth every peso and our bathroom will be rock solid when it’s finished.

By the time all is said and done, our new facility will have cost about $300. That is including supplies and labor. It is certainly worth every penny. Septic DitchI have only endured the ground toilet and bucket showers for a short time and I am relieved to have a semi-normal bathroom. I can only imagine how the family feels. I know they are appreciative of the new addition and I am absolutely elated at seeing their lives improve. It is awesome to see what a few dollars in the right place can do and helping them is a joy that defies description.

Papa was happy to see the septic ditch completely bricked in and sealed off. As the cement was drying he carved “Coco & Grapa Famely 11-15-209”. We all got a good chuckle out of the bad spelling and his forgotten zero in the incorrect date. Jennifer corrected the engraving and so now it reads “Kokko-Grapa Family 12-16-09”.

It was a bit emotional for me seeing the caption embedded there in the cement. It feels good to be included in the family like I have been. Everybody, myself included, further captured the moment by pressing our palms into the wet cement.

Obligatory Picture of Jen Doing Laundry

Obligatory Picture of Jen Doing Laundry

We may be in a house with dirt floors and rotting bamboo walls but soon, very soon, we will rise together one more notch above the mire of poverty and proclaim with a victory that we are no longer where we were: we now have a pot to piss in.

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