Here Comes The Bride

Time stands still in the solace of victory. The hours, minutes and seconds hold themselves frozen in awe. The world can rush all around you but there is peace in the eye of the hurricane when you have faced the impossible and, by God’s grace, overcome what the world calls ‘all odds’.

It seems like an eternity has passed since Jen and I decided to marry. Headache after headache and frustration after frustration hindered our plans: her birth certificate, my birth certificate, the legal affadavit in leiu of capacity to marry document, and let’s not even mention the ‘friends’ who tried to stop the courtship. All the hurdles beat our hopes upon the anvil of time. Non the less, we were not shattered but strengthened.

Up in the Mountains

We still have not set a date for the wedding (it is at this point in the latter part of April). Now that we have the license in hand we can plan the details. In case you’re wondering, donations are very welcome (see the paypal button on the lower right?). This would be an awesome time for all those who have spare dollars to share one or two (hint hint).

Oh yes, I almost forgot to share the latest humor of my life: The municipal building for marriage certificates is located upstairs above the local police station. As Jen and I waited outside for Papa to arrive to sign our marriage license papers, we began to make small talk with the town police officers who were also outside. During the conversations, they learned that I work with computers and it was at this point they began to inform me about all their computer troubles.

A Very Loud Lizard

The Police Lieutenant asked me if I could fix their systems so I offered to return the following Monday with my laptop to see what I could do for them. That was too long a wait for them. They gave Jennifer, Papa, and I a ride back home in the town police vehicle so I get could my needed equipment. I’m absolutely certain it’s the first time I’ve ridden in the front seat of a police vehicle (and yes, I’ve ridden in the back on more than one occassion).

It did not take long and I repaired their ailing report system. Only my closest friends (and closest enemies) will appreciate the irony of me having open access to a police network. No worries, I only use my powers for good 🙂 The towns police reporting system is back online and the department is happy: It’s good to have friends.

In the business world, Jen & I completed the worlds first commercially available Hiligaynon Language set and it’s for sale at the website If you want to learn a language that most people [outside the Philippines] have never heard of then you should purchase a copy (hint hint). We’ll be using the money to feed us and to rebuild the bamboo nipa into something more modern. Donations are accepted for that too 😀

My Garden Has Pineapple!

Despite all of our financial setbacks, God has been good. The bills (namely electric and food) are paid. We have the basics of all that we need. The more I consider what we lack, the more I ponder how to define ‘true need’. As it is written: .. godliness with contentment is great gain. There is certainly not a material possession I would trade for that gain.

Details on the wedding to come. Again, donations welcome 🙂

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