A Life of Emoticons

I was hoping my next blog post would highlight the peace, serenity and overall simplicity of my life here in the Philippines but such is not the case. Getting married, moving across town, and starting a new business compounds the stress of day to day life in ways that are unexplicable. Green Acres this is not! But chaos aside, I have no complaints. Life is still good.

Creating most of the stress is business. Every now and then you happen upon one of those ideas that is so golden you have to jam your foot into the door of opportunity and grit your teeth to endure the pain of obstacles. You hold that door open long enough to slide your skinny body through the crack while gasping for air as you fall to to the floor on the otherside; at last you have success. It may be stress but it’s worth it.

While I have certainly enjoyed the gardening, I am no farmer. Computers it seems will always be my calling. Well, in this case, my texting. Give yourself a few computers, a few endless days/nights, a whole lot of coffee and voila! Instant international texting firm (aka https://www.kokkoglobalservices.com).

Despite the obstacles to overcome, affordable international texting is a needed service. I knew it was a good idea from the beginning. I *really* knew it was good idea when my brother agreed it was a good idea. My brother and I have NEVER agreed on business ideas. We’ve shared lots of enthusiasm over the years and there were always plenty of those, “Yeah, good luck with that idea..” type of comments. But, all in all, this is the first time we’ve ever been on the same page. That fact alone makes it a miraculous act of God and a business that is destined to succeed.

So, if you need international sms from the U.S. to the Philippines, sign-up and text like there’s no tomorrow! Yes, that was shameless self-promotion.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, married life is good too 🙂

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