Lord of the Rings

I rolled over to find a more comfortable position but the uneven slats of bamboo offered little if any comfort. My body shivered a bit in the cold as I pulled the sheer curtain up to my chin while tucking it under my feet. Without a bed, a blanket or much of a pillow, I slept little. All of my belongings were moved earlier in preparation for the wedding. Jen & I have our own place now.

Me, Jen & The Pastors

Me, Jen & The Pastors

Our pastor offered us the church parsonage and we accepted. We will be closer to town so we can walk everywhere, and the church yard is hugely magnificent for planting a garden. The nipa there is nothing grand, it’s rather small, but considering that we can call it our own for now and that we have privacy…well…let’s just say we’re happy.

The wedding to come (in just a few hours) seems rather surreal at this point. When you’ve waited a long time for something, you’re almost in a state of disbelief when it does arrive. Paperwork problems, money problems, and other such delays all contributed to the prolonging of this moment. Let that be lesson to those migrating here: nothing happens on time in the Philippines. I am now fond of saying that everything here on the islands happens in what I like to call ‘God time’ (one day with the Lord is as a thousand years 2 Pet 3:8). But, like all things in God’s perfect plan, this time has come.

Signing on the dotted line

Signing on the dotted line

As the moments draw nearer, I reflect upon the light that has cast this shadow of things to come. The ceremony, the rings, the feasting: it has little to do with us. Indeed, Adam & Eve had no such ceremony in their union. We tie the knot the way we do to remember what was lost: The Wedding Day. From the start of Genesis to the close of Revelation, the whole book is a grand love story about the wedding to come. Lucifer, a murder from our beginning (Jh 8:44), tried to stop the ceremony by turning the bride into a whore. God, in his love and mercy, redeemed us and the wedding day is yet to come (Rev 19:9). I know how well my anger is kindled against those who rejected attendance at my wedding and thus I pity even more those who stand in the way of God and the bride he loves (Pr 6:34).

You may now kiss the bride.

You may now kiss the bride.

It’s official: June 4th @ 10:30 am. Jennifer Grapa and Jon Kokko are now united in matrimony. Jennifer Grapa is no more; Jennifer Kokko stands in her place.

It was an exclusive affair with only 13 guests. We kept it as simple as simple can be without losing any of the formality. Afterwards we headed off to Rhumbuan for our catered meal (which was delicious).

To those who assisted us in making this moment happen (financially and prayerfully), we thank you.

Rhumbuan Resto - Our favorite eatery

Rhumbuan Resto - Our favorite eatery

4 Responses to Lord of the Rings

  1. mnjrupp

    June 5, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    Congrats! to both you and Jennifer. Zelle and I are excited for you 2!

  2. Linda T.

    June 22, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Congradulations! Ya’ll endured and made it. Blessing to ya’ll both. I need ya’ll’s new address. Would like to send a very small luxury.

  3. Jon Kokko

    June 23, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Married life…whew 😛

    I wouldn’t mail anything here…it’d probably be stolen in route. Fed-X is really safe but it cost $50 to mail a single envelope.

    Oh btw Linda, we managed to find some catnip seeds at the Ace Hardware store in Iloilo. I was just thrilled…it sells under the name of ‘cat mint’ here. Tea at last!!

  4. mhelai25

    June 25, 2010 at 9:35 am

    ehey!hi!rely miz yah congratZ!!!4 new lyf!!mwAXX!

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