The Blogger’s Curse

One of the difficult things about blogging, especially in regards to your own life, is what to write. I don’t mean this in the traditional sense of writers block as writers block implies you don’t know what to write. You know your life better than any else and your fully equipped to gab about it. The general difficulty at hand is should you gab about it. How do you handle the journalistic cautions when the gory details of your life involve others? What if they involve the success or failure of your own life? Yes, Proverbs truly states: The power of life & death is in the tongue [even if it speaks through the pen].

There are often so many stories I want to tell, secrets just itching to come out, but I refrain. Sometimes there are consequences to public disclosure. Some secrets are dangerous. Words hurled publicly could damage those you know financially, emotionally, and in some cases mortally. These are the things you want to write about the most but you can’t. Not now; not ever.

I then find myself sifting back through the pages of time while tapping my pen against the notepad just wondering what to echo along those little blue lines. A few thoughts manifest themselves but I draw a line through them. They’re either too boring, too old, too defamatory and in a few cases, too embarrassing. My list of write this becomes a list of write this not.

I know of other journalists and bloggers who suffer this same curse; even photographers who have that golden photo in hand but can’t publish because of the injury it would bring. This is much the dilemma of Wikileaks I imagine. When you have so many people sending you classified documents, discretion is difficult if not impossible. At least in your own life you have full knowledge of the facts.

Yes, some stories will have to wait. That death-bed book will remain nicely encrypted & distributed until that fateful dead man’s switch is thrown. At that point I won’t care. To my friends, you have no fears; your secrets are always safe. As for my enemies: you should pray I live a long and healthy life.

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