Globe Tattoo Customer Service Conversation

Here’s the official response from Globe on the Tattoo promo outage [Sorry, you cannot have SUPERSURF with your other current registrations. You will need to stop your current promos to register to SUPERSURF]they are experiencing. In short, they give their famous, “Just try again later” line.

Welcome to Globe Chat Assist. Your chat session will begin shortly. Feel free to begin typing your question.
You are now chatting with Jeffrey

Jeffrey: Hi! Jon how may i help you today?
Jon: problem with Globe Tattoo “Sorry, you cannot have SUPERSURF with your other current registrations.”
Jeffrey: May i know your Globe tattoo number?
Jon: 091xxxxxxx
Jeffrey: Thank you.
Jeffrey: Upon checking sir jon , we have a network issue regarding supersurf registration.
Jon: Yes…for many days now.
Jon: When will it be resolved?
Jeffrey: This was already escalated to our support group.
Jon: Is there an expected resolution time?
Jeffrey: Kindly register at a later time sir and we apologize for the inconvenience
Jon: I’ll be happy to register at a later time. Can you tell me what time I can register?
Jeffrey: Im sorry we can’t provide definite time for that, but try to register at a later time.
Jon: Try to understand my frustration. This has been ongoing for several days now. No resolution time in site and everyone on the internet is getting the same answer, “Try again later”. Is this acceptable to Globe….?
Jeffrey: May i know when did you experience this problem?
Jon: 3 days ago.
Jeffrey: I do understand sir, but this was already escalated to our support group for checking.
Jon: I understand these things take time to fix. Will Globe be posting an advisory or sending out text messages to let customers know the problem has been resolved or do we just keep trying and hope that one day we get service?
–insert about 90 seconds of silence here–

Jeffrey: I acknowledge our concern sir.
Jeffrey: I mean your concern.
Jon: Thank you Jeffrey, you’ve answered my question. Good day.

Poor Jeffrey did his best and he’s just as much a victim as the Globe Tattoo users. He has to fight off the angry customers that are calling in and he doesn’t have any information to give them (or isn’t allowed to). Jeffrey, I truly hope you have a better day 😉


I moved my load to a different sim card and the promo works just fine. I will continue to question Globe and post the results.

This problem affects different people at different times and Globe always gives the same answer. See The Heimlech Conspiracy for my theory why. Also, please read Circling The Globe to get rid of the Java script that Globe forces onto your webpages.

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