The Heimlech Conspiracy: SuperSurf Racketeering

How Globe Telecom Profits From the SuperSurf Outage

While many people are silently suffering on the internet, patiently waiting for Globe Telecom to resolve the current promo outage, what they fail to realize is the financial aspect of the situation. Globe is not losing money during this outage. In fact, they are probably increasing their profit margin several times over.

Look at the math that is involved. If you are a SUPERSURF220 user you are paying for 7200 minutes of surfing time (five days). That breaks down to approximately 0.0305 centavos per minute.

If you are a SUPERSURF50 user then you are in effect paying for 1440 minutes of surfing time (24 hours). That comes out to 0.03472 centavos per minute.

It is these promotions (and the prepaid factor) that make Globe Tattoo an attractive product offer. They are not as cheap as SmartBro but their 3G coverage is a bit better [which is why I use them].

However, without the promos, the pricing scale changes dramatically. The standard connect charge of 5 pesos for 15 minutes is costing you 3 pesos per minute. That’s an increase of over 86 times the cost of SUPERSURF50!! The people who own a Globe Tattoo modem are being financially raped right now and Globe has nothing to say about it but ‘Try again later’. They continue to advertise their SUPERSURF promotions on television, internet and radio while they are having this ‘outage’. I don’t know about the Philippines but that’s an illegal business practice in America.

It’s a little something I like to call the Heimlech Conspiracy. Create a problem that people choke on while you financially benefit and then create the solution later (hoping you financially gain there as well). The consumer feels so relieved to have things back to normal that they merrily continue on with their lives. The customer is happy and the corporation walks away with a bunch of extra money.

Is Globe intentionally creating this problem with the Tattoo Supersurf promo? I don’t know. But I can say with certainty that the math involved and their lack of response to the situation seems to make things very, very suspect. Considering their current use of fraudulent tactics, it is really suspect. If Globe is not intentionally robbing their customers, then it leaves great room to doubt their technical competence in the market place. There is certainly no doubt about their inability to provide a satisfying response to their customers.

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