Internet Cancer

Blogging is a natural pastime for many people who enjoy expressing their literary talents and there is much to be shared by all on this planet. The ability to rapidly and efficiently communicate with one another has transformed our lives and it has undoubtedly made a few famous in the process. The average blog invites you into the portal of another person’s world. You can learn from their good, learn from their bad, share their insights and appreciate their humor. Blogging, bloggers and the internet in general, has given us a library that extends beyond anything our forefathers could have imagined.

It’s almost a perfect library at that. It would be a perfect library if we had a switch that would filter out all the corporate vomit. I’m so weary of doing internet searches and landing upon blogs and websites that have created two to three pages of nothingness. Like good little corporate zombies, these site managers have spent considerable amounts of time researching various key phrases and trends while cramming all the possible word combinations into a web page for the single purpose of delivering you a bunch of ads. I utilize ads as well and there’s nothing wrong with funding your hobby but the intentional manipulation of your site for the goal of Adsense revenue is contributing to the slow death of the internet.

How do you know if you’re creating this cancerous plague that we all hope to avoid? It’s easy. If you spend one second of time on Google Trends or any keyword research site then you’re part of the problem. Correction – YOU are the problem. If you need related keywords for a topic, you should try that tried and true method that has worked for hundreds of years: get a thesaurus. People are craving that unique content which highlights the expressions, experiences and understandings of the author. Hundreds of thousands of bloggers all looking at Google Trends and doing statistical keyword research not only fail to deliver that quality content, they themselves inflate the data [much like the stock market when millions of people are all buying]. Quit researching keywords and learn how to write.

These words are not haphazardly aimed at the store owner who is optimizing his website to sell or advertise his widgets. The internet is quite distinct in its display of business websites. These words are aimed at the blogger for hire, the scrapers and the individuals who spend more time optimizing their content than they do putting intellectual thought into it. It takes mere seconds to identify these portals of nothingness before I instantly label their domains with an imaginary, red rubber stamp that says “KEYWORD REHASH”. I then update my host file and point their domains to a page on my website that says, “Been there, done that, puked” so that I never accidentally visit them again.

If you’re a blogger, blog on. But please, for the sake of humanity, keep it unique or you’re not just devaluing the internet as a whole, you’re reducing yourself to that two cent click. Why not sell porn? You’ll make more money and it’s no less ethical than what you’re already doing.

P.S. Like all things written on this website, this posting is 100% organic. It was written without the assistance of Google Trends, keyword research utilities, or the consultation of any SEO experts. My traffic may suffer, my integrity as a writer will not.

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