Volcanic Flashes

Pompei, Vesuvius, St. Helens and even Pinatubo here in the Philippines – they were all terrors in their time. The amount of damage and destruction caused by these temperamental beds of fire & rock are, if I may use the word, amazing. The intensity with which these monsters can erupt is almost indescribable. I think they can only be compared to atomic bombs.picture of volcano

While we can sit in awe at the majestic anger that takes place during an eruption, the victims of these tragedies feel less awe and more grief. A countless number of people in Indonesia are now without homes and on the run. Mount Sinabung, located in the area known as Sumatra, has forced more than 20,000 people to flee the smoke, ash and debris. After four hundred years of silence, I’m sure the people would have preferred a different way of saying hello.

Whether it’s the floods in Pakistan, Volcanoes in Indonesia or other places, it seems the earth is becoming less & less safe as it becomes more crowded. Where natural disasters once wiped out a handful of villages, they can now wipe out large cities and destroy millions of lives. The absolute worst thing about such disasters is the lack of prevention. You simply can not stop something of such magnitude. The only thing you can hope for is an early warning detection system that will alert you to the looming fact that your about to lose everything except your life. That is seldom a comfort to those who have so little.

If you have a few cents, consider donating to organizations or relief funds such as the Red Cross or United Way. You don’t need to change the world but touching a life or two would undoubtedly make someone in such dire straights a little more hopeful about the future.

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