Texas Rangers Name History

It’s seems that the Texas Rangers happen to be the latest craze since baseball is back in season. Now I’ve never been a fan (or fanatic) for sports related issues but I find that some of the historical information on the net regarding the Texas Rangers name is either inaccurate or horribly incorrect. Most people know there was an evolutionary process in the team ownerships and consolidations but they seem to get a bit fuzzy (too many baseball beers?) on the details of the name changing from the Dallas Rangers to the Texas Rangers. The confusion is understandable I suppose. After all, when you’re dealing with multiple name changes in a short time period (the Dallas Eagles, Dallas Rangers, Texas Rangers, et al.) it is easy to get the details muddled. Maybe this post will add a bit of clarity there. So, for all of your sports buffs, here it is.

In order to read the newspaper articles, you’ll want to view them in full screen mode. Click on “Dallas Rangers History – 1958” on the right hand side. You can then pick either full screen mode or slide show mode.

From Dallas Rangers History – 1958

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