Great Philippines Book Drive

I recall with great clarity a specific scene in those final days before I left the states to go to the Philippines. I was visiting the Rupp family in South Carolina and perusing over their bookshelf in the living room. All the classics were there: Govett, Lang, Panton, Ruckman, Watchman Nee as well as some others that I had never found time to read (but greatly coveted). Michael, in his giving spirit, encouraged me to take what I wanted for the trip overseas. “Good books are hard to come by over there”, he said (or something to that effect).

It was a generous offer that I turned down. Good books like these have a price tag and we learn so much from them that I found it impossible to take one away from a friend. Besides, my bags were packed full and my smaller backpack was already tearing at the seams from being from being stuffed with my gear. There was no room on me for items, especially heavy items. I figured I would find opportunity in the major metro areas to do some book shopping. After all, it can’t be that difficult, right? Wrong.

Suffice it to say there were numerous trips I made and never found anything so basic as C.S. Lewis. What little I did find was the equivalent of soul vomit and I wouldn’t spend my money on it. Later on in the year I did find some good literature at one particular mall but the lesson was dearly learned. As Michael noted, good Christian books are hard to find in the Philippines. If you’re in the provinces, you will never find them.

When I was speaking with Shauna one day via Facebook and she expressed the need for such reading materials in her area, I could certainly understand. She’s way out there in the provincial areas and one can only describe the reading scene as a famine. Being back in the states where God has given me so much, I can’t allow her good works to starve and hence begins the Great Philippines Book Drive!

To my friends and friends of friends (and even their friends), if you have Christian books that you can part with, please coordinate with me. I will be gathering as much as God gives me to ship over to Shauna so that she and her students there can benefit from them. Financial donations are also welcome to cover the cost of shipping but really, the dire need at this point is books.

If you have questions or donations regarding this project, I can be reached at this temporary email address:

God bless & have a happy holiday season.

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