Republicans & Sinners

I hate politics. I hate it so much that ‘loathe’ is probably a more appropriate word for the disdain that I possess. While I may from a distance watch a political election or two, I myself have never voted and, truthfully speaking, I have no desire to. I pray to God that I never breed such a desire. Politics [democracy included] is a grossly flawed system that I can not, to any degree, believe in. Though I consider democracy the lesser of many evils, I still consider it evil.

Now that I’ve ruffled all the patriotic feathers out there, let me explain. To understand my view on political systems of any kind, it is necessary to go back in history towards their birth when the tribes of Israel recognized their greatest folly:

1Sa 12:19 And all the people said unto Samuel, Pray for thy servants unto the LORD thy God, that we die not: for we have added unto all our sins this evil, to ask us a king.

Somehow, guidance from God was not enough and the Israelites sought the leadership and unity to be provided by a king. It was a loud cry that drowned out the voice of wisdom; a voice that warned them against such. Sometimes the worst thing God can do to you is give you the answers to your prayers: a king they wanted, a king they would receive. The purity of the theocracy they resided under would be traded for a monarchy. Tithes would turn into taxes and servants would be traded for slaves. Eventually, one system of government would be traded for another. Today, most of us reside under the false lies of a democracy.

It saddens me to see so many Christians caught up in matters of politics. Haven’t you read the last few chapters of the Book? Governments of this world will come to naught. Whether it is communism, socialism, democracies or monarchies, they will all be replaced by a theocracy. People who believe they can change the world through political involvement are misguided to say the least. If you want to change the world, start by humbling yourself before God and helping your neighbor. You won’t change the world but you will do some good. Politics is the voice of ‘mega-churches’ & other organizations so they can claim involvement without having to sacrifice themselves on any personal level. If groups like Operation Rescue spent more time [and dollars] loving their neighbors, I don’t think they could begin to measure the social impact.

While one would think democracy to be a good thing, the reality is that it can never last. Democracy is its own self-destruction. Democracy favors capitalism. Capitalism favors money. He who has the most money will always have the biggest vote and thus the system designed for equality is actually a breeding ground for the opposite. While democracy does provide a general level of economic and social stability, it is like a flower that will blossom, look beautiful, and then die. It is a very temporary thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like social stability and economic prosperity. Generally speaking, those are good things. None the less, they are things that won’t last. While ups and downs of those things may occur, I will never believe that such stability can exist by enacting laws to be enforced at the barrel of a gun. It is this reason [among many others] that we need a theocracy and a theocrat worthy of ruling. “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done.”

I will, to the best of my ability, honor the laws of the land so as not to be an offense to my neighbor (1Pe 2:15-17 ); yet though I have to be in this world, I will not be of it. The people can have their Bushs’ and their Obamas’. They can have their elections and their votes. I have something more and I wait patiently for it. It stirs a bit of sorrow in me to see the conflicts people create over their beliefs in politics. It is as evil as the wars people create in the name of good. Their belief in political good becomes the justification for their human evils. I could draw serious parallels here to the Iraq war but I think you get my point.

On a closer level of parallels, all the rage is about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. I would suffer no surprise if Julian were to meet a ‘mysterious’ death. People of power and Governments are not upset about ‘the threat of terrorist attacks’. They are upset about being caught with their pants down. While Julian is, to some degree, meddling in strife that doesn’t belong to him, people of corruption will never sit silently still when exposed to the light of truth. Personally, I’d be interested in knowing why our government officials want the DNA of foreign officials but honestly, I don’t care. I’m passing through this world and by no means consider it home.

Republicans and other sinners can fight [or vote] for control all they want. The will of God still stands and the direction is clear: Nations of power will eventually compromise to a merge in the name of ‘Global Security’ and personal freedoms will continue to diminish for the ‘greater good’. Wars [and surely against Israel] will be waged and ultimately, Christ will reign. Politics (and political corruption) will do nothing nor will Wikileaks: Power belongs to God (Psa 62:11); Put that on a ballot – it’s not only something worth voting for, it’s something worth living for.

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