Eyes of March

Vacation is drawing nearer everyday. The plane tickets have been purchased and the appropriate reservations have been made. Though my feet are yet on the ground, I am already at twenty-seven thousand feet and looking down at old memories. It is now less than two weeks to my departure and I am more there than here. Then again, I think that is always the case with me; I’m always on vacation (and I know at least one psychiatrist who would agree).

In many ways I hate the fact that this is just a vacation. I’d much rather pack my bags and plant myself back in the Philippines for a year or two but alas, it can not be so. Ten days seems like a breath in the span of time and a very shallow breath at that. I’ll barely have time to deal with the jet lag much less do all the things I would love to do. None the less, it’s Jennifer’s birthday and that fact alone makes it worth it.

I miss the people there. Every character so briskly painted with their own quirky personalities has left an indelible impression.Everyone, from the oldest lola to the youngest brother I know only as ‘rabbit’, they all make me want to return that much faster. Even the taunts of ‘hey Joe’ from the towns people left a void and, oddly enough, Jennifer tells me they miss seeing the ‘kano’ [slang for American].

I miss their simple lives that are so uncomplicated by corporations run a muck. I miss their never-ending hospitality. I miss the silliness of their gossip and their superstitions. I miss their karaoke at six-thirty in the morning. Sadistically, I even miss standing in line for forty-five minutes while old-ladies try to recall instructions at the ATM they used just the day before. I miss the chengues. I miss the beautiful rice fields and I miss the bamboo nipas. I miss it all. Ok, I don’t miss the mosquitoes; I draw the line at that one but I think you get my point.

Vacations aside, life has normalized. The Texas DPS has pulled its head from the toilet of inefficiency and processed all my paperwork so my license is, for the first time in a long time, active. Immigration has started all the paperwork I filed last month and work, while insanely busy, has just enough entertainment in the atmosphere to keep me from jumping off the third floor balcony. My worries, at the present time, are few. Yes, as far as life goes, I’m well within the boundaries of normal. It probably won’t last long but I’ll enjoy it while I can (I’m a realist, not an optimist).

One of these days I’m going to sit down and knock out a few more pages to the books I’m writing. I understand more and more why professional writers retreat themselves to secluded getaways. It is hard to keep yourself focused amidst the distractions of the world around you and the diligence to set a writing schedule is oft pulled away by the grind of other necessities. Even if I hated every book I read, I would still be forced to admire the zealous nature required to produce a volume of pages! Speaking of those distractions, it’s time to tend to them 🙂

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