Faith – The Sixth Sense

Valentines day is a bit rough when you’re over eight thousand miles apart. I can’t smell her sweet scented perfume. I can’t see the look of expected surprise on her face when she receives her flowers. I can’t hold her hand at the end of the day. “I love you”, no matter how dutifully meant, feels a bit hollow with the distance.

The emoticons contained in simple text messages, no matter how expressive, just don’t satisfy the soul (even though I leap to answer every text). The sound of her soothing voice on the phone brings a bit of ease and the movement of web cam images on my LCD monitor are pleasant, but neither sight or sound can satisfy as a replacement for her touch. I can not taste the flavor of her lip gloss! In a relationship, the five senses work together to create a harmonious orchestra; a symphony I can only relive inside my head this holiday.

Despite the deprivation of the primary senses, there is yet another that remains as vivid and as alive as that first touch, a sixth sense equally capable of directing the mind and the body that follows it: a sense of faith. It is by faith that I met her. It is by faith that I love her. Even more, it is by faith that I know our boundaries of time will be safely crossed. Faith, the substance of things hoped for…

Never in a thousand years
Such a silent clarity
Falling raindrops it never stops
Now overwhelming me

It’s where we live, where we die
The hypnotist now hypnotized
Steps ahead yet left behind
Now So deeply mesmerized

Ever present in this soul
Bringing me through the day
I can’t hear your voice enough
Every word I have to say

God forgive me as I succumb
To the epitaph for my tomb:
How he loved to the depths of trust
Defining boundaries of love & lust
Broken hearts upon this crutch
And now they say he loved too much!

Yet still a penny for his thoughts
“None the more”, they cry, “None the cheaper”
“Time gives you no refunds”, I taunt
“Swim a little deeper”

Perhaps these words on deaf ears fall
Deep into the mire and clay
Peace to those with a sense of faith
Who so in love will find their way

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