Celebrate Independence: Buy Fireworks From The Chinese

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written in depth and a casual glance would probably give one the founded belief that my blog has since fallen into a literary morgue. The site theme has long been the same and my last update probably reads like a dying man’s last exhale. Such is not the case really. Time constraints have sucked the life out of my talents but fear not, I am fighting back.

Time hasn’t been the only shortcoming for my passions though, a lack of motivation has its play as well. When I do have the time to write, I find myself drowning in a mental fog that beckons me to close my eyes and get some very required sleep. The weight of necessity bears against the needs of reality and slowly the desire to do anything crumbles. I eat, sleep, work and make it home just in time to do more of the same. I want to sit down and write but alas, I have to iron that shirt for tomorrow and go grocery shopping.

Distractions have mostly died now. The holiday weekend has allowed me to do my chores, exercise my sanity and sleep, all the while giving me more of that which I’ve lacked the most: time. I must say the independence from responsibility has given me a bit more joy than the history of the day (a guilty indulgence perhaps). None the less, I am enjoying the time I have, along with the coffee I’m sipping, and the opportunity to key a few words.

Along with time flying out the window, my money has been doing the same. The National Visa Center slapped me with an invoice for $404 which I wasn’t expecting (although I should have been). As if the $400 to the Dept. of Homeland Security wasn’t enough! Adding insult to injury, more fees are to come. There’s the visa fees and the $250 medical exam fee that I know of for sure. More and more it feels as though the government is holding my wife for ransom. This may be the land of the brave but it sure as hell isn’t the land of the free. Saying we have freedom in this country is much like saying we have self-cleaning ovens – it’s a half truth at best.

Despite my cynical attitude, things are moving forward and Jennifer’s visa paperwork should be ready in Manila soon. I will get to enjoy a bit more time on the islands, enjoy the family house that is almost complete and more importantly, I will get to enjoy (and keep) my wife. Somehow the thought of all those things keeps me going. Were it not for those upcoming joys, I think my sanity would have died back in mid-June when the stress of work was trying to kill me (an infliction I can only describe as death by keyboard).

I’d like to believe the worst of my money woes is over and that the trials have abated but I know better. I’m a realist, not an optimist. None the less, we all have our mountains to conquer and personal wars to fight, obstacles we clear to claim our independence from those things which straddle us and that’s a big part of what Independence Day is about. Well, that and the joy of blowing things up if you live outside of the city limits.

Happy 4th of July.

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