Watching the S

Every day that I watch or read the news, I ask myself, “Why do you continue engaging in this barrage of incessant stupidity?” The answer isn’t as simple as I would like it to be. Some days I want to know what’s going on in the world around me. Some days I think I’m waiting for that ‘aha’ moment where it all makes sense. Most days I think I’m just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel (that isn’t there). Here’s a few blurbs from the recent major headlines and my thoughts on them:

From the Huffington Post,

“Bill O’Reilly said that the phone hacking scandal is being exploited by “vicious” opponents of News Corp with an ideological agenda.”

That’s right Bill, you two-bit republican hack job, it is an ideological agenda. What your narrowly focused brain fails to grasp is the ideology at hand. People abhor the fact that a major media empire systematically engaged in a criminal invasion of privacy for their own ideological self-expansion (kind of like Fox news sans the known criminal element).

The Huffington Post isn’t alone in crying out the insane though, CNN is almost always at the forefront of ‘cutting edge’ news so the Amercan public can stay informed of Lindsay Lohan. They had this to tell us:

“A lapse in Lindsay Lohan’s health insurance — because she’s not been working in the past year — has prevented her from paying for the psychological counseling ordered as part of her probation, her lawyer revealed in court Thursday.”

Awwwwww, cry me a river. Poor Lindsay can’t afford counseling for her little rich girl problems. Throw her back in the cell and maybe CNN can muster up the courage to find the meaning of journalism. Is this even worthy of a public announcement?

Despite the abundance of journalistic apathy, we occasionally get some good news (even if it is a little late). MSNBC has this to share about our favorite sexual molesters at the airport:

The Transportation Security Administration announced today that it is going to improve the privacy of full-body scanners by installing software that does not create passenger-specific images.
Instead, screeners will see a generic outline of the body on a monitor attached to the scanner. The software will auto-detect metallic and non-metallic concealed items.

About friggin time. If you executive morons at the TSA had listened to your researchers in the first place, you could have avoided this fiasco. The TSA doesn’t get props for doing now what you should have done in the first place. Until the TSA can wake up and smell itself, the abbreviation will continue to mean ‘Truth Systematically Avoided’.

I wish the mainstream news reported simple facts rather than pounding the public with fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). The headlines never give us something to believe in. Sadly, media conglomerates have always been more interested in the news as a product & a political tool [even back to the times of Benjamin Franklin]. The media motto is all too well known, “If it bleeds, leads”.

It’s a sorrowful thing that we live in a world of FUD. It’s even more sorrowful that there are people who will take such chaos and slap a logo on it. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert have risen to the heights of their popularity because of this. People are getting sicker & sicker of the nonsense. Until that nonsense goes away, we can take the new out of news. I’m just going to call it S.

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