I don’t know why it seemed like a good idea to bring a gun to work. It just did. Maybe it was for the kicks. Maybe it was for the hell of it. Maybe it was for self-defense. Why I did it doesn’t change the fact that I did but, like most of my decisions, I have no regrets.

My fists clenched as I reached over to my right and grabbed the twenty-shot semi-automatic. I raised it up and across my shoulder, pointing towards the sky. I took a deep breath before I turned around. Unsurprisingly, I found my co-worker was locked & loaded as well. His gun may be more powerful but mine is way faster…and so am I.

There was a brief pause while we looked at each other, silently daring the other to pull the trigger first. I was aiming at him but taking the shot really seemed like a waste of ammo. With no fear upon his face, he pointed his eyes off to the right and towards our boss. I chuckled a little as I gave a quick shake of my head but the protest was unheeded. The next thing I heard was the click of the trigger followed by a scream: a perfect head shot. Nerf guns rock.

Since the company converted to an open-workspace environment, we’ve taken a few liberties to deal with the additional stress (and yes management, open work areas are more stressful). Chief among these liberties are the nerf guns. We have well over a half a dozen of them with a collective pool of amuntion that provides enough foam on the floor to protect small children should they happen to wander in and fall. God knows the cleaning crew probably hates us.

We shoot each other. We shoot those who wander in and, in a most unwise moment of itchy trigger-fingerness, even the boss has been shot (did I mention that it was a perfect head shot?). We shoot our white boards. We shoot our monitors and, just for grins, we shoot our darts far over the walls. For some reason people keep bring the darts back to us so we can do the same thing over again. It’s almost like playing fetch.

If you’re bored in the work place or just looking to spice up the office life, I highly recommend a nerf gun (or two or three). They’re great for teambuilding (because shooting people brings you closer to them) and they’re just plain fun. If you do decide to get one and your co-workers jump on the bandwagon, be sure to up the ante by removing the internal air-surpressors so you get more umph. You’ll be glad you did 😉  Note: I don’t recommend shooting the boss.

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