Extreme Makeover – Website Edition

The Travel Grunge theme I had previously implemented was spectacular in its day. Like most days, that day has long come & gone. As effective as it was at presentation, I couldn’t bear the sight of it any more and thus I had to upgrade. Welcome to JonKokko.com version 2. This is more of a newspaper layout and less travel grunge but I find it somewhat appealing so I’m going to stick with it for a while.

Unlike the previous themes I’ve implemented, this is the first theme that I’ve actually paid for (I know, I’m getting old). As time passes I find that I increasingly have less time: time is money & money often saves time. There’s certainly some things that can be improved upon so I’ll probably end up hacking apart the CSS code to make more cosmetic changes but, until that time, the website is what it is. Fortunately WordPress isn’t exactly rocket science quantum physics so I shouldn’t have to labor too much over it. I do, after all, speak PHP.

After I finish up the cosmetics I think I’ll embark upon a journey of useless feature creep. That does seem to be the general direction of the internet. If it’s silly, stupid & and an absolute waste of time, it must for some reason be incorporated into a webpage! If I need ideas I guess I can just watch to see what Google & Facebook do next.

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