Going Nutz

With my brother on vacation in the Philippines and my days counting down now, my mind hasn’t been exactly the same. None the less, I started to think about all the things I’d miss while I’m away in the Philippines and I wrote my brother a letter. He’s going to be away over a month and I wanted to help him keep in touch with our beloved mother land.

Dearest Brother,

I know how easy it is to forget things while dealing with the battles of island life so I made a quick cheat sheet for you to remember things by. No problem man, it didn’t take me too long to throw together. You should take an hour or so each day to cover these things.

* Rush hour traffic
* Property Taxes
* Upcoming elections
* Gas prices
* National Debt
* Dependence on foreign oil
* Learning Chinese
* The obesity epidemic
* Government spending
* Literacy rates
* Iraq & Afghanistan
* Feminism
* Illegal immigration
* Global warming
* Lawyers
* Health care costs
* Career Politicians
* The Dept of Homeland Security
* Your last boss
* Your next boss
* Welfare
* Social Security
* Medicare

ahh crap, I’m getting depressed. I’ll stop there. Enjoy your vacation!


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