Outer View To An Interview

It’s been one year and two weeks since I moved from the Philippines back to the states. One year, two weeks and 15 hours to be more specific. Jennifer and I have endured the time and the distance with all the impatience that possesses a couple in such situations. It’s been a long wait. Too long in my opinion but Government being the inefficient machine that it is, there has been little recourse but patience and prayer. Patience and prayer have payed off though and there is now light at the end of the tunnel: Jennifer has her visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Manila next week.

Time and distance have not been the only hurdles though. Typhoon Nesat almost threw us a curve-ball. Torrential rains caused delays with her arriving for the 2nd day of her medical exam and she had to pass through several kilometers of flood waters to make it back home. God was gracious: the medical was efficiently processed and she made it home safely (albeit soaking wet, tired, and weak). Others were not so fortunate and 21+ persons were killed in the winds and floods. Well over 70,000 were forced into evacuation centers.

The worst, God willing, is now behind us and the expenses of this endeavor should subside. Fees to the Dept. of Homeland Security, the National Visa Center, Federal Express costs, countless photocopies, and transportation needs have left an unimaginable hole in my wallet. A simple act of marriage has left this American with the indelible impression of having to pay import taxes on his wife. American citizens should have a cheaper more efficient process for their spouses! The irony in that statement is that they have improved the process. I can only thank God that it’s now coming to an end.

Jennifer & I are both naturally nervous about her upcoming interview. We’ve endured over 10 months of waiting & paperwork for the less than 15-minute moment where her visa will be approved. The paperwork is all in order and there shouldn’t be any problems but the nerves are still racked about as the moment approaches. We’ve read all about the interview experiences of others and noticed the sometimes petty reasons that create denials or delays. It adds to the tension. I don’t talk about it as I don’t want Jen stirred up but I’m sure she knows I worry. We do our best to forget the fear and focus on the excitement of her upcoming trip here.

When all is said and done, I look forward to her being here, evoking the tales of her visa journey. It’ll be nice to share the more in depth moments that have been hitherto withheld. There will be much to write about. Until then, I live with the outer view of her coming interview and wait patiently for that day to come.

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