End of The Beginning

My bag is packed and my itinerary is printed. My passport, travel pillow and other personal affects are conveniently set aside for an easy trip through the airport. I’m a veteran of travel who knows that the process is always the same even if the destinations differ from time to time. None the less, this will be a remarkable trip to the Philippines.

Well, the trip going to the Philippines will be rather ordinary. The return trip however, that will be quite extraordinary. After 10 months of immigration paper work, Jennifer has her visa in hand and I can finally bring her here. Watching her make the journey makes the trip entirely remarkable and one I’m likely to never forget.

She is both nervous and excited. I must also confess that I am likewise nervous and excited for her. It’s a whole new world for her and I both. I know what it’s like to enter the grocery store of a foreign country and be awestruck;I’ll relive it on her first trip to Walmart Target. I can hardly wait for the zoo trip!

Every thing so familiar to me is dark territory to her and it’ll take time for her to adjust. My life style is gaining and, while hers is too, she is also leaving a lot behind. The familiar territory of friends and family is a sacrifice she is making. I can only wonder how long it will be before she gets to partake in an Ilonggo conversation as I recall my numerous trips that didn’t involve any English. Culture shock will hit her very, very soon.

Despite the hurdles to come, I am glad it’s over. I miss her and, frankly speaking, I’m tired of missing her. I’m ready to wake up next to the familiar warmth of her hand and enjoy those morning moments over coffee as we so oft used to do. I’m ready to have someone greet me with kisses after work other than the dog (no offense Sparky) and I’m ready to begin again. All being said and done, I know that can happen now.

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