First Things First

“You haven’t updated your website in awhile”. If it was obvious to Jennifer then I can only surmise it as overbearing to myself. Time has escaped me; those deep & hidden pleasures of the pen have found themselves buried beneath the transitions life brings. I want to write (really, I do) but I find myself captivated more and more by the present. It’s a captivation that robs reflections, no matter how crucial, and thus my quasi blog has gathered a bit of dust. Alas, it is time to write.

Jennifer has made great strides in her transition as an American. It was touch and go there for a while with our dining choices but she is now firmly grounded in Mexican food, Popeye’s Chicken, Cheese Cake Factory and that most beloved of all snacks, Doritos. I am much relieved in gaining this common ground as I feared greatly to find myself doomed to a life of rice & pork, rice & chicken, rice & fish and [on really bad days] just plain rice. Fortunately this is not the case. On one occasion she even went 48 hours with no rice! To understand the depth of that statement, you have to be Asian.

Culinary habits aside, there’s been great strides in other experiences for her. I say “for her” but really the moments are as equal for me; I live vicariously through her. The first time she ate a peach was pretty cool, the first gas station car wash was comical as was the first time she jumped on a trampoline but, of all the things I can recall, her first snow fall will undoubtedly remain my favorite experience. In her own words, “It’s a dream come true”. Good thing the large snow flakes hid my teary eyes.

Some days I feel old now. My hair is whitening a bit and my back aches more and more. Age has well enough compassed me so that I don’t remember those early times in life. I don’t remember eating my first peach, my first gas station car wash or the first time I jumped on a trampoline. As limited as snow is in Texas, I don’t remember my first snowball either. Then again, that’s one of the beautiful things about being with Jennifer, those first things are first again.

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