The Lynching of Sandra Fluke

It’s politicking season again. *sighs* I can’t make it past page one of any news site without hearing the names of Republican wannabes (and the democrap is soon to follow). I know some consider presidential elections to be an honorary milestone in our nations history but I can’t see it for anything more than what it is: a power grab.

Were it an honest self-promotion it might be more tolerable, but it’s not. Its a spectacle of he said/she said idiocy that has bled over into Christianity. You almost expect such silliness from a Mormon (think planet Kolob) but Rick Santorum has taken things to a whole new level (I won’t digress into the details). Christianity and politics do not mix and they never have. When people try to mix them, they damage the faith as much as they do the country.

No where recent has that damage been more evident than in the lynching of Sandra Fluke. Sandra recently gave testimony before Congress on the necessity of contraceptives in health care coverage but right-wing nut jobs like Rush Limbaugh (and even some conservative churches) have twisted her words. If you haven’t heard or read the testimony, you can read it over at ABC news.

I expect lies & distortions from Rush Limbaugh. He’s a mouth and nothing more. What I don’t expect is to sit in a Sunday service and hear the same rhetoric repeated. It’s disgusting. I don’t know what Sandra’s faith is. Her being in a Catholic school I can make presumptions but they would be nothing more than that. Regardless of her faith, or lack there of, to hear her crucified in a Church setting based on lies is a horrible thing and it saddens me that so many churches have allowed themselves to become political action committees.

Politics and patriotism have no place for pilgrims (Heb 11:13) and such concepts should be ousted from the Church. We can change the lives of those around us by loving God and loving our neighbors, not by engaging in silly arguments of what congress is doing with our taxes. Reforming the country (any country) is a lost cause; I’ve read the end of the book. We do better to reform ourselves.

On the behalf of Baptists and others who should know better, I apologize Sandra Fluke. I sincerely apologize.

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