Samsung Galaxy Epic 4g II – My Review

Since it’s been out quite a while, I own one, and even further, it’s about to expire, I thought I’d take a moment to give my biased review of the phone. The term phone might be an understatement to some people due to the sheer size but make no mistake about it, it’s a phone in all of it’s glory.

The first thing you can’t miss about the phone is the size. It’s a whopping 5.11″ x 2.74″ x .38″ with a viewable display of 4.52 inches. As phones go, it’s big. It’s very big. Despite the diameter, the phone is thin (excluding that ballistics case I have) and the weight is not too daunting. Sans the case, it comes in around 4.6 ounces. The size and weight of the unit grow on you till feel naked when leaving the house without it (kind of like your watch).

Battery performance is excellent. This should be expected from a phone that has enough size to pack plenty of lithium and it delivers. Like most phones, there are things like wireless, GPS, bloated apps, etc.. that can drain your battery so that should be kept in mind when gauging the metric. It’s been a few months now and I’ve remained quite happy with the battery.

One of the most glorious features of the phone is the screen. The size is optimal and the clarity is amazing. With 800×480 pixels and H.264 video capability, watching Netflix rocks (assuming you’ve gotten over their price hike). Browsing photos, surfing the web, and watching videos is now a painless comfort when you’re on the go.

The price, while it could be better, was placed where expected at $400. Like most people, I picked mine up at half the price while selling my soul to Sprint for 2 years. So far, no harm no foul. They have an unlimited data plan and I have no intention of paying per gig (that’s insane).

As an android phone with plenty of memory, there’s no limit to the apps that are available. Games galore, office productivity, and network utilities are just a few of the categories that load my unit. With the exception of a few nuisances, I’ve had no problems with apps or the Google market place [steering clear of the crapware is a good idea].

All in all, I have only two complaints about the Sprint phone: 1.) it’s preloaded with some Samsung crapware that you can’t remove unless you root the phone and 2.) the GPS sucks. The Samsung garbage is easy enough to ignore but the GPS problem can be a headache. Sometimes it can’t get a lock and the only way to revive it from slumber is to reboot your phone. Like most problems that companies refuse to fix, Sprint & Samsung have remained ominously quiet on the issue even though their own forums are loaded with complaints. Fortunately I’m not glued to the GPS function so I remain more contented than some other users.

So why I am writing this little review now that the next upgrade is coming out? I have no intention of upgrading. Not now, and not for a very long time. This is all the phone I need and it works rather well for my needs. Big enough to be easy on the eyes and it fits in my back pocket. Could you ask for anything more in a cell phone?

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