Fat laws

New York city has recently run out of difficult problems to solve so now the mayor wants to regulate fat people. At stake is all of those larger than 16 once sweet drinks found in movie theaters and delis. There has been no comment as to whether or not criminal penalties would be implemented for those patrons attempting to buy two small drinks, or worse, skirt the system by forgoing the ice.

As a relatively skinny person, I for one am infuriated (when I’m not laughing) at such food regulation. Remember all the uproar of trans fat legislation in California? If you want to implement such a system then please, do me a favor and make weight based legislation the obesity lawsstandard. I think it would be fair to have cheaper airline tickets because my luggage weighs less. Give people a reasonable way to bear the cost of obesity instead of telling them what they can not sell or buy.

Yes, mayor Bloomberg is off his rocker. Limiting sodas and other sugary drinks will not stop obesity.  It won’t even curb the obesity epidemic. It may help to raise awareness on the issue but probably not on a positive level. Outside of education, there is nothing that can be done about our nations weight problem because it’s a personal choice what people put in their stomachs. Banning sugar (in any fashion) won’t work because you simply can not regulate every lifestyle choice, no matter how much stupidity is involved. Move on sugar busters!

I’ll take it a step further and say that Bloomberg’s proposed legislation (in addition to California’s trans-fat law) is among the evidence of reasons why America is not a ‘free‘ nation. You can judge a nations level of freedom by the levels to which you are allowed to inflict harm and stupidity upon yourself. That’s not to say you should engage in irresponsible behavior but rather it it’s a metric by which personal liberty can be gauged. If I can’t eat unhealthy junk food all day, how free am I?

Ultimately though, Bloomberg’s wannabe ban is not about health. It’s about insurance companies and money. That’s semi-reasonable but I just wish they wouldn’t try to press silly laws into the city’s already cumbersome books of code. Must there for everything be law? If there must, and it must be silly, start first by enforcing weight laws on members of congress! That’s something I’d like to read about in the news.

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