Stop Paying For Software!

Once upon a time it may have been necessary for you to spend hundreds of dollars on computer system software but that day has long come and gone. Whether it is your need for office productivity or basic home use, there are dozens of free solutions available. Why spends your hard earned cash on something that is free? Most people will spend the money because they don’t know any better. I’m here to tell you otherwise!

Open source solutions are available and have been for quite some time. Numerous applications are available with a GPL [General Public License] or a Creative Commons license that allows you free use, even for your business. Other companies will offer ad-ware (free software in exchange for ad displays). open source solutionsAgain, this is free software. Free, as in it won’t hurt your wallet! I have used open source software for quite some time due to cost factor alone. If you prefer to pay $349 for Microsoft Office Professional when you can get the equivalent for free, well…. you decide. It’s your money.

For those of you who like saving money, you can try Open Office if you need word documents and spread sheets. Need a robust database for your home business? Then you should try MySQL. When it comes to open source solutions, there are no limits. There are even free solutions for anti-virus software. The internet community has designed & developed almost everything you can imagine.

So what are the hidden costs? Not much really. If you need support, you’re going to have to read help files because you can’t pick up the phone and call the retailer. Think about it though, have you ever enjoyed a phone call to tech support? To use the Old English, I trow not. If you do have problems with free software, most answers are just a Google away. The additional cost to using free software is the learning curve and that, in my opinion, is not a big one. People seem to suffer monitor confusion because their File – Help – Edit menu doesn’t look exactly the same as what they’re familiar with.

I suppose, one way or another, someone gets paid. You can either continue to pay the giant software corporations your hard earned money or you can invest a little time and pay yourself. There are certainly applications that are worth paying for (specialized apps, games, etc..) but the vast majority of your computer needs can be met for free. Need a place to start? Here’s some on my favorites list:

1. Antivirus – Avira The absolute best AV solution. Period.
2. Photo Editing – Gimp – A full featured professional photo editing software. It rivals everything Adobe offers.
3. Office Software – Open Office: A full featured office suite.
4. Media Player – VLC: it supports way more formats than Microsoft’s media player.

There are simply too many to list so I’ll stop there. You get the point: stop paying for software!

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