The Tears of Colorado

By now everyone is aware of the theater shooting in Colorado. A young man (possibly two) armed with teargas and guns unleashed his anger in a movie theater. What should have been a few hours of Batman entertainment became death and mayhem for dozens of people. Colorado cries once again.

The state is no stranger to public bursts of violence. In 1999, a massacre took place at Columbine high school when two students killed 13 and wounded over 20 more. Making matters worse, copycats have sprung up and attempted to likewise make names for themselves. A state that was Aurora Coloradoonce renown for ski resorts and beautiful scenery is now known for the violent outbursts of its youth.

I am deeply saddened by the events in Colorado. I can’t begin to fathom the depth of agony in the affected families. Yet, for all of this, I am unsurprised. I’ve previously stated that movie theater violence would occur. I firmly believe the violence in public settings is going to increase exponentially (especially in this country). None the less, it pains us all to see it happen.

I’m sure the news and other media outlets will spin this event for weeks: How could it have happened? How can we prevent it? Good vs. Evil and the unification of American families supporting one another in a time of crisis are all stories likely to be played out. If you replace the city Aurora with Columbine the news coverage won’t be much different from that of 1999. Media outlets will sell a lot of commercial air time because of this and that is almost as great a tragedy as the event itself.

These things continually convey that, despite the vocal optimism, man is not inherently good. While some may be better than others, our built in moral code allows us to believe the end justifies the means. For some, such as the Aurora, Colorado shooter, that means an eye for an eye: society has created me, society therefore pays.

Atheists would affirm to us that religion is to blame for the worlds woes. The tears of Colorado tell a different story. It is the lack of God and the denial of self that creates our own suffering. Sadly, all of the nutjobs out there do a pretty good job of keeping that truth from the people.

Rom 12:15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

In this time of crisis, we must weep with those who weep. Colorado cries and so do I. May all of those involved find consolation and peace in this time of tragedy.

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