Mike Kelley Compares Pearl Harbor to Contraceptive Mandate

War is ugly. When you boil it down to the simplest common denominators, it’s murder with a motive (whether it’s a good motive or a bad one). People die in the most horrific of ways and oft, innocent bystanders are caught up in it all. Bullets, bombs and grenades know nothing of compassion. Death, destruction and mayhem is the reality of war and it will never be different.

I can think of a few things that can be compared to war: homicide, genocide, aggravated assault & battery and child abuse just to name a few of those things. I can not however compare Obama’s contraceptive mandate to war. Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly doesn’t seem to have a problem doing that though.Birth Control Mandate

I’m sure his comments are nothing more than the sensational banter that politicking politicians are prone to do. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a politician has made an outlandish comparison. Remember Mike Dayton comparing NFL players to war veterans? It saddens me that politicians think they need to be extreme in their rhetoric. We don’t need them to be extreme, we need them to be honest.

How the contraceptive mandate become a religious argument is somewhat confusing in itself. The waters are probably muddied because corporations think they are people. Businesses & Academic institutions are not people and they are subject to a different set of laws (for good reason). Businesses do not have religious freedom all though the people they employ should have religious freedom (within the confines of a business environment). Nobody’s healthcare decisions should be forced by the religious choices of a corporate body although I do confess there are some grey areas.

All of the birth control arguments are even more frustrating since, in the Philippines, my wife & I can purchase birth control pills over the counter for $1 a box! I couldn’t purchase it at that price here even with the best insurance money could buy. I have to ‘outsource’ my health care decisions because this country can’t get its act together. Politicians are too busy sucking up to big pharma and the insurance companies.

Despite all the confusion and grey areas, of one thing I can be certain: the contraceptive mandate is not, in any form or fashion, comparable to any war that has ever taken place. Shame on you Mike Kelley for making such a comparison. You’re acting like you’re being forced to do something when all you’re being asked to do is give women their own choice. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing with the choice, it’s about giving it to them to begin with. If, as a Christian, you think they’re sinning then so what? Don’t stand in the way of sinners (Psalms 1:1).

That’s not to say I think birth control is sinning. I most certainly don’t (Luke 21:23). If any thing is sin, it’s FORCING (via guns, politics, or any other method) someone to adhere to your beliefs. Only one person has that right of enforcement and it’s Jesus Christ. When he returns, Mike Kelley will truly have something he can compare war to.

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