Technology Predictions For The Year 2013

The future is upon us. That appears to be a rather self-evident statement but I make it in that ever evolving technological sense. Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality and our world is constantly changing in regards to technology. Even the bible book of Proverbs speaks generally of “witty inventions” so the continual discovery of new things shouldn’t surprise us. I’m no prophet but I thought I’d take a stab at what I expect to see come upon us in the future year of 2013.

These aren’t far out predictions. My speculations are based on the science we’ve seen over the past few years. I’d love to see a tricorder in action but I believe Star Trek fans are going to have to wait a Baby Techbit longer for that. There’s also no 2013 disaster predictions in this list. I know we’ll continue to pollute up the earth but I don’t think we’ll wipe out any huge chunks of it in the next twelve months (I sincerely hope).

The above being said, here’s what I think we can probably see next year:

1. Better & Cheaper 3D – As much as 3D televisions have completely bombed in the public market, I think the flood of them is going to increase. Three dimensional tech is an amazing thing and optical geeks love pursuing it. If they’re going to pursue it, they’re going to sell it. The average consumer is only underwhelmed because of the hassle of 3D glasses. Once that barrier is broken, most of us will be on board. We like 3D but we LOVE holography. We’re just putting up with the 3D because we view it as a road to the technology that we want.

2. Walk-BY X-Ray Scanners – Anyone who travels hates those new body x-ray scanners at the airport. Not only do they make you feel like cancer patients getting a CAT Scan, they’re slower than that 1980’s microwave I used to own. Maybe they are hailed as non-invasive, but they leave you with the emotional afterthoughts of a strip search. In short, everyone hates them. I’m betting we’re going to see a walk by X-ray scanner on the market soon. We will still hate the radiation overdose but if we can walk past it while ignoring it, we’ll be ignorantly blissful.

3. Cyborg Technology In Action – The gap between man and machine is ever shrinking in the medical world as doctors and scientists come up with new inventions to extend and better our lives. The amazing part in all of this is how we’re now seeing things on a more cellular level. Once we can fully interface with a human cell like a microchip, better medical advances, like Lee Majors in the Six Million Dollar Man, will be a reality. Due to cost, implementations are going to be slow but I think next year will bring groovy tech advances to the medical sector.

4. The Personal Computer Still Lives – There are many exaggerated rumors about the death of the PC: cloud computing, smart mobile phones, blah-blah-blah. Despite the hype, the PC still lives. I think our computers will live well past the year 2013 (at least mine will). I will confess to the fact that I use my desktop computer much less than I used to (thank you Samsung Galaxy S3). None the less, my PC has a 30-inch monitor that is unbeatable for home-office productivity. Additionally, there’s a comfortable feeling of escape at your PC that you simply don’t get from a mobile device; not to mention the fact that your computer doesn’t have any silly ringtones to interrupt you.

5. Technology & Retail Fall In Love – Love the idea or hate it, I think the implementation of tech into the retail consumer experience will become a defacto standard. Self-checkout? That’s nothing compared to what we’re going to see. You may not consider it much of a prediction since JC Penney is on the path but I think we’ll see other retailers follow suit (maybe even more extreme). Let’s face it, retail is bland and there’s nothing left to shake it up but a techno overhaul. The only question I have is if the technology is going to make it better, or make it more impersonal. We’ll see.

Those are my top 5 technology predictions for the year 2013. As an individual with no ESP skills or prophetic abilities, I do reserve the right to be wrong. None the less, I think the above are some safe bets. No matter what the technology sector brings us, it’s sure to be faster, smaller and as always, more appealing than what we had decades before. Those poor souls in centuries past, what on earth did they do without such things!

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