The Galaxy S3 And Me

Ok, let me first say I’m not being hypocritical. I didn’t run out and buy the Galaxy S3 so I could have the latest and greatest cellular toy. As I stated before, the S2 is a perfectly fine phone that suited all of my needs and more. Yes, I upgraded, but it was more of an inadvertent upgrade than a direct lets run out and buy one now kind of thing.

Jennifer had patiently suffered under the miseries of Metro PCS. She endured lost text messages, a plethora of wrong numbers, and that slider phone that became ever slower (even after a factory reset). When the extra dollars came around, I decided it was time to upgrade her onto my Sprint account.

It took all of three seconds for Jennifer to decide what phone she wanted. She wanted an Iphone. Why she wanted an Iphone is beyond me but that’s what she wanted so I bought it for her (I’m a cool husband like that). Needless to say, after a few days she didn’t like the Iphone anymore [insert I told you so]. Android ScreenshotSince she didn’t like the Iphone, this presented a unique opportunity. She could have my Galaxy S2 which she was always using for Facebook and I would upgrade to the Galaxy S3.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I just upgrade her to the S3? Simply put, when it comes to Jenn, the S3 is way too large for those small hands of hers. That being said, she is comfortable with the Galaxy S2 and I am now the proud owner of the Galaxy S3 .

I’ve had the phone for about two weeks and it’s pretty amazing. The first thing you notice (obviously) is the increased size. Most of the additional real estate is dedicated to the viewing screen and it’s WONDERFUL! Soaking up some Netflix on the go or playing Angry Birds in office meetings just took on a whole new level. What the Galaxy S2 gave you in viewing pleasure, the S3 makes even better. No more squinting at text messages or web pages!

The phone is also notably faster. The upgraded CPU and the additional memory are nice spec changes. I no longer have the GPS headaches I had under the S2 and, even better, the S3 is equipped with 4g LTE. In all aspects, this phone is fast. As an impatient end user, I appreciate the quality.

I can’t say the phone is rugged because I really don’t know. I haven’t yet dropped the phone and, considering the cost, I have no intentions of it. This phone is being treated like a newborn baby: I gently cradle it while making “Ooooo” and “Aaaahhhh” sounds. Right now I’m waiting for that sweet leather case I just bought to give it some protection from the elements and my abusive hands.

Some reviews on the internet are pretty harsh about the pixelation of dark colors during video playback but I think they’re being critical to the point of absurdity. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a cell phone first and foremost. It is not and never should be considered a camera or video recorder (though I’m happy with both of those features as well). Yes it would be awesome to have a flawless hi-definition TV with a satellite receiver built in but let’s be realistic. If that happens anytime soon then the next thing I want to say to my phone is, “Beam me up Scotty.” But I digress…

So what do I not like about the new S3? I’ve got a few grievances as well. Chief among these grievances is the SWIPE functionality. I don’t know why, but the T9 error rate on this phone seems to be a lot higher and I have to manually punch each letter to form words more than I did before. It’s annoying to say the least. That being said, I haven’t yet tried any other SWIPE applications out there. I’m patiently going over the functionality to make sure it’s not something that I’m doing wrong.

The S3 is also very hyper sensitive to touch and motion. I mean SENSITIVE. I’ve found it so sensitive that I’ve turned off motion controls all together and I have disabled the Palm Swipe feature. I got tired of taking screen shots while the phone was in my pocket. I love the features but I wish there was a way to tone down the sensitivity a bit. It’s also frustrating when playing games. One wrong touch and my Angry Bird just went flying off the slingshot without permission. Nobody messes with my 3 stars!!

I don’t believe I do anything different with this phone except that I use the new NFC feature. NFC (near field communication) allows me to use my phone and Google Wallet to pay at locations that have Speed Pass. At my work cafeteria, I just tap the phone on the Speed Pass and enter my pin: voila, purchase complete. It’s nifty that I don’t need to carry my physical wallet with me. I can also share photos, etc., with other people whose phones have NFC but I haven’t tried ‘the bump’ yet.

All being said and done, I love the S3 (I have a built-in barometer!) and the upgrades it comes with. Would I have abandoned my S2 to run out and buy it? Nope, I sure wouldn’t. Given the opportunity though, I wouldn’t turn it down and I’m glad Jennifer rejected her Iphone 🙂 If you’re looking for an upgrade, I can’t imagine there to be a better Android phone. Don’t take my word for it though, go buy one 😉

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