Christian Personal Development

Christian mistakes and shortcomings are quite abundant. We wish they weren’t so abundant but let’s confess, the modern church makes the church of Corinth look like the pinnacle of holiness. Our mistakes tend to stand out a lot because we are trying to live holy. It’s clear that we often fall short of the glory of God.

I include myself as one full of christian shortcomings. I have missed the mark so many times that I often wonder what it is that I am aiming at! Some days I want to abandon it all to the throes of a journey that is impossible to make. Fortunately for me, God is faithful and I can find strength and encouragement in those unexpected times of trial.Christian Personal Development

This is where a Christian’s personal development comes in. How can we better deal with trials? How can we prevent them? Is there anything to make it better? I think there’s a handful of trials & tribulations we can avoid altogether but there’s definitely some we are destined for. In both cases, God will prepare us if we prepare ourselves. Our spritual growth should not, like a tree in the woods, be left to nature!
When trials abound, your personal development has an opportunity to exercise. Before you can stretch those spiritual muscles though, you must acknowledge what it is that you’re dealing with (outwardly). Don’t bottle it up. Keeping emotions pent up inside as a silent burdent is not only unhealthy, it’s unscriptural. Confession is good for the soul. Consider the book of Proverbs:

Open rebuke is better than secret love. (Pro 27:5)

Sometimes I’ll talk to my wife and other times I’ll just sit and write a few [dozen] spiritual poems until my system has exhausted whatever is overwhelming me. The venting helps when you’re trying to identify exactly what it is you’re struggling with. Falling happens but confession allows you to fall FORWARD, in the right direction. Additionally, it invites the input of those around you. That’s humbling but we need humility.

Our personal development into the like nature of Christ requires that we feed ourselves. We need to read. We need to read regularly. Spiritual poems & the like are great for personal output but we need strong input as well. When my trials involve other people, I flip open the pages of the Good Book and pound away, looking for those unity scriptures. By unity scriptures I mean those verses in the bible that emphasize the commandments of Jesus – specifically that commandment of Love Your Neighbour As Yourself. Verses like 1 Pet 1:22 and Lu 6:28 are easy to find IF we take the time to sit down and read. If we don’t reinforce our beliefs with reading the word of God, how can we have faith in trials? Faith cometh by hearing…

It seems I’ve needed a lot of those unity scriptures lately so I can deal with people. Of course the problem probably isn’t other people as much as it is me. I tend to exasperate things because humility is not one of my natural talents….and this is where I pray.

Confess, read, pray. It’s the trinity of our spiritual growth cycle. Granted, that’s an over simplification but those points are extremely crucial for our lifelong development. Those are 3 of our constant ‘works’ and, fortunately for all of us, Christ gives us the strength for that.

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