NYC Citizens: Too Fat To Make Their Own Decisions

At the end of May I wrote a small mock-ed on the proposed soda ban legislation in New York City. I sincerely thought that one of the most ridiculous pieces of legislation I’ve ever seen in my lifetime would fail. How wrong I was. The soda ban (over 16-ounces) is now in full effect.

Mr. Bloomberg is quoted by the NY times as saying, “…we believe that it will help save lives.” Idon’t doubt Bloomberg’s intentions, I’m sure they’re good. The sad reality of his legislation though is that it will not save lives. In fact, Bloomberg has hurt more soda banAmericans now by encroaching upon their liberties via the ever so famous ‘commerce clause’.

In case you’re not familiar with the commerce clause, that’s the same law [read excuse] the U.S. Feds used to regulate the marijuana industry after California legalized it. The government didn’t argue the medicinal value, potential health issues or the rights of states to implement such laws. They took the cowards way out and used the commerce clause to defeat what they didn’t like.

I suppose I think that Bloomberg also took the cowards way out. What NYC doesn’t want to address is the problems associated with health care reform and the growing expense. His chosen method to advertise that he’s done something about it is to limit your choices in New York City. I’m not disputing the government authority to do such things, but the exercise of power in that manner (in a country that proclaims individual freedom) is a complete hypocrisy.

The fear factor in this situation though is not that you are no longer free to by your 22oz coke at the local convenience store. The fear factor is the governments willingness to restrict an individual’s liberty “for their own good”. That sounds like communism to me. The greater fear in all of this though is that they will do it more and more.

Today it’s your soda. Tomorrow it’ll be the words coming out of your mouth.

2 Responses to NYC Citizens: Too Fat To Make Their Own Decisions

  1. bruce j kokko

    September 16, 2012 at 8:38 am

    If a free people don’t see their freedom as a responsibility, they will lose their freedom. The real tragedy is they will welcome the loss.

  2. Jon Kokko

    September 16, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    I think a lot of things like this upset people at first, but then they ‘blink’ and move on with their lives not realizing the damage that has been done.

    On one side of the coin I know it’s just “stage setting” but on the flip side it perturbs me a bit.

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