The Irony of Islamic Outrage

The infamous film, ‘The innocence of Muslims’, has created a world wide backlash in muslim communities. After making it to YouTube, protests were staged, embassies were sieged and numerous Americans were killed in violent clashes. The irony in all of this that the filmmaker may have proved a point.

We’ve seldom seen the words ‘muslim’ and ‘pacifist’ go hand in hand and yet there are those who would, in the name of keeping the peace, try to differentiate from Islam as a whole and the violence that has taken place. My favorite quote on this is from H.A. Hellyer at CNNinnocence of muslims. He stated in a recent article (emphasis mine):

The Muslim community at large is not responsible for the violence, and it should not be expected to apologize for the actions of some of its members. The violent actions of a comparatively small number of individuals do not represent all Muslims, just as the video does not represent the views of all Coptic Christians. Neither group needs to apologize, but both should be recognized for their solidarity in condemning the violence.

I understand what he’s trying to say but the sad fact is that he’s wrong. Horribly wrong. What we’ve seen in the past week is not the “the violent actions of a comparitively small number”. These world wide violent outbursts in no way can compare to the isolated incidents of ‘extremist Christians’ that bombs abortion clinics. Islam is, and has placed itself, in an entirely different category when it comes to war.

I believe firmly in “loving my neighbour as myself” even if my neighbour insults Jesus. Jesus is God enough to defend the integrity of his own name. Apparrantley the followers of Mohammed in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries of the world don’t have the same confidence. While the video production, “Innocence of Muslims” is a horrible act (reminds me of Westboro Baptist), the producers may have unwittingly proved a point: those mocked have now made themselves mock-able.

I don’t doubt there were those that used the protests for their own violent agenda. However, the evidence indicates they are the minority. Major media outlets are now doing their best to spin articles about the tolerance of Islam and the pornographic background of the film director. Can’t we just call a duck a duck?

I’m saddened that an entire religous culture has been denigrated like this. It’s even more saddening that the muslim culture denigrates themselves with violence. Like it or not, the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ may have proved its point.

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