High Score Wins

There’s war brewing in Israel. Not so much of a surprise is it? I seldom remember a period of my life where there wasn’t conflict in the Middle East that wasn’t somehow attached to Israel. Israel has always been at the center of the world affairs and today is no different. History is continually unfolding there.

Despite tensions in the region, the headlines, proclaiming Hamas resolve, give me a bit of chuckle. I admit I’m biased in favor of Israel but even without such bias, history favors Israel. Anyone remember the Six Day War? Israel does. It’s one reason they’ve [quite successfully] maintained a ‘return fire’ policy in every encounter they’ve dealt with. Did Hamas expect anything different?high score wins

Honestly though, I haven’t paid too much attention to world events lately. Mid October had me fighting a sinus infection that turned to a bronchial infection which was then rolled into a great big ball of apathy. Then I turned 40. I greeted that event with a nice bottle of Cognac (also 40 years old). Who can care about world events when you’re busy mourning the death of your youth?

Ok, I make that sound a little more glum than it really was (is). Life is like a video game: high score wins. Despite that montra that I keep chanting, I have been quite detached from recent happenings. I didn’t even stay up to watch the elections. I [quite accurately] predicted Obama’s reelection and went to bed at 8pm (right after taking half dozen medicines for my bronchitis). I’m over the whole bronchial thing but the ‘past forty’ part still has my head spinning a bit.

Being this age doesn’t feel (physically speaking) any different. Aside from that sinus infection, which I’ve never experienced in my life, I’m healthy. All my aches and pains are still in normal range. Even my weight, while up a few pounds, still makes everyone envious. Indeed, the only thing that feels different is the realization that I’ve crossed the threshold of ‘half-life’. It’s left me pensive in ways I can’t express.

No, forty is not “old” and I know I don’t need a walking cane just yet (though it would go well with the cognac and a new suit). Age, at this juncture, it’s just something I seem to recognize much, much more than I did on birthdays past. I think about it with no conclusions on what I should think about it. It’s not a fear of dying or anything like that, just a sort of weird pensiveness.

In some ways I wonder about the future of things. What have I accomplished? What can I accomplish? I reevaluate all of my life goals and ambitions. Despite the fact I have little to no control over the future, I push myself onward in those things. After all, if you don’t keep going, you’ll never get anywhere.

The family in the Philippines celebrated my birthday despite the fact that I’m over 8000 miles away. They killed a few chickens and made a party of it. I laughed a little at the celebration since I wasn’t there but, the more I think about it, I couldn’t ask for anything more out of my life (especially at this age). When people celebrate the day of your birth in your absence, that’s something you can be proud of. How many people have that?

Hopefully soon, I’ll be back into the ‘normal’ swing of things and start updating the website again. Until then, for those of you crossing those same milestones in life, I wish you the best.

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