In Remembrance Of Jennilynn

Yes, it might be a bit oxymoronic but death, above all things, has a way of sucking life out of you. I remember, without any emotion, the words of Kahlil Gibrahn: Love, like death, changes everything. How right he was.

Jennilynn had a bright smile. She could light up a dark night faster than the rising sun. Her cheer brought joy to every heart around her. Most of all, she brought me joy.

Jenni was afflicted with Down Syndrome. She was fifteen but looked ten or eleven. The presence of Down Syndrome was quite obvious by her appearance but, by her demeanor, one had to wonder if she ever knew of her own affliction. No matter how much I felt the destitution of life in poverty there, she brought back the basics to me: life is what you make it and you take one day at a time. Jennilynn & Jennifer

It was somber turning forty. It really tore me knowing that I turned that corner of life at the same time she was taking her final breaths. Were she older and less known then perhaps I wouldn’t consider her so much but she was, in literal words, one of the biggest joys I have ever known. The knowledge of her passing made me weep and I tear up thinking about it now.

Jenni had complained of migraines for several days and they grew steadily worse. Her parents, like most in poverty, had no money to take her to the hospital. By the time they had borrowed enough to take her, she had already passed. I would have maxed every credit card had I known! How little money is worth.

The death of a little one is tragic and no parent should have to bury a child. To live is Christ and to die is gain so perhaps my tears are selfish. I will forever remember her and the way she greeted me first every time I visited. My little barangay in the jungle will never be the same. I really wish I could hug her one last time.

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