Christian Synergy: A Need for Co-existence

Synergy is a word that is just….well, beaming with energy! Unlike energy though, synergy represents the end result of cooperating elements that produce an end result greater than the total sum of their individual effects. In short, synergy does collectively what a single energy element can not do alone.

I’ll give a simple example. Consider the act of buying a pizza. You might not be able to purchase pizza for 10 members of a party but, if everyone pitches in a few dollars, you can acquire enough pizza for everyone. This is synergy in action. synergy

There are many such practical examples of synergy in all aspects of life, it extends way beyond crowd sourcing for pizza! Physics, Biology and other areas of science deal a lot with the concepts of synergy. More importantly though, synergy is a concept that is fundamental to the Christian church and its successful growth in holiness.

An effective Christian synergy requires both the existence and cooperation of the church body. Without such a present cooperation, church ministry would be virtually non-existent. Consider all the various aspects of ministry that a body can partake in: feeding the homeless, youth outreach and international evangelism just to name a few. While a single individual can engage in all these things alone, they are hardly as effective as a group that is coordinating their efforts.

Synergy is essential for effective Christianity

Synergy is just as necessary for the individual as it is for the church body. The Apostle Paul recognized this fact when he admonished the Hebrew church:

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more as you see the day approaching. – Heb 10:25

A concept such as Christian synergy is so pivotal for our growth. It is the crux of why Paul encouraged the church to not forsake assembling themselves together. We need each other and we need each others gifts. Synergy is present in the Holy Trinity and it is likewise present in one of the commands that Christ gave us: Love your neighbor as yourself. While many things you can feebly undertake yourself, you can undertake nothing without the power and grace of God. That is the ultimate synergy of life.

Christ endured the shame and suffering of life, and that of the cross, not because he was a strong willed individual. He endured to the end (Heb 12:3) by the power of the Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus needed the power of the Godhead, we likewise need it and others need what we have to offer.

It’s easy to be self-centered in this day and age. This is especially true in the modern church where we see the houses of God treated like corporations, ever taking and never giving. However, we don’t give our gifts, our time or our money because others give to us. We give and give (even if it seems endless) because Christ gave to us. Our energy must always contribute to the synergy that defines who we are as a people: ambassadors for Christ.

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