Endless Scrolls

It would appear that I haven’t written in quite a while. There is a nice gap of time between this posting and the last one. Appearances however, would be quite deceiving. I’ve written more in the past month or two than I have in a long, long time. I’ve been busy filling the pages of an aforementioned book. This website has thus suffered a famine from the keyboard.

I’m going to try to keep it updated. It’s difficult because, when it comes to writing, I’m rather bi-polar. It’s one or the other and I can’t do both. In this case it’s the ‘other’. Statistically speaking, my website traffic is rather constant so a plethora of updates isn’t necessary. If you’re a regular, I do apologize for the dearth.writing, literature

The book, Chaos Called Love, has gone through several renovations. In short, I tore up [most] of the pages and rewrote everything. It was greatly needed. The plot was non-existent, the viewpoint had multiple personality disorder and the tensing was stuck rock solid in the land of the lost. I am both repentant and thankful I saw the flaws before I did something embarrassing like hand it off to an agent. It would have likely been returned to me and titled ‘Chaos Called Writing’.

I do wish I could afford a long sabbatical where I could retire myself to the beach and unwind with the notepad as the waves roll in. That would rock – writing on the beach. Now imaginations are running in my head and I’m trying to figure out how many books I’d have to write to make that fantasy a reality – dream Jon…dream.

Any who…. I am enjoying the writing (even if not on the beach). It’s nice to see a work come together. It’s like watching the final paintbrush strokes on a Picasso in progress. Ok, maybe it won’t be that good but, the important thing is, it feels that good. Thus the pen writes on.

If I could measure progress, I’d speculate that I’m at the half-way point in completing it. The plot is better defined, the viewpoints have received therapy and the tensing is, shall we say, presently corrected (pun: present. Get it? sorry, cracked myself up a little there). I have a few scenes I need to work out but I’m quite thrilled that everything is moving along. If I’m persistent, perhaps a few more months to completion. If I’m lazy, the end of this year. Reality will probably occur somewhere in the middle.

Perhaps I can sell pre-orders to fund writing on the beach?

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